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Monday, August 2, 2010

The Best Online Resources About the Qur’an

Allah (S.W.T) says in Surah Baqarah, verse 185: The month of Ramadhan [is that] in which was revealed the Qur’an, a guidance for the people and clear proofs of guidance and criterion

Let’s use this blessed month to read, understand, memorize, reflect and ponder upon the verses of Allah (S.W.T). Alhamdulillah, it is now easier than ever to do it with the help of Internet.

Here is a selection of the best resources available about the Qur’an in different topics:

1. very neat interface. You can turn the page one by one like a real mushaf. You can choose the Madani Mushaf, the Indo-Pak style mushaf, the Mushaf with colored tajweed rules, transliteration, etc.

1. probably the best website if you want to memorize the Qur’an. You can select a reciter and configure the number of the times the verse has to be recited, the length of the pause, etc. The interface looks like the Madani mushaf, which is much better for the memorization than the regular Arabic fonts
2. allows you to download the audio Quran (mp3) that has been divided digitally into tracks/ayahs. So if Baqarah has 286 ayahs, the eHafiz version now has 286 tracks.
3. It has mp3′s that are broken up into a few ayahs (usually not more than 5 lines at a time) of Quran, so that you can concentrate on those ayat and memorize the one’s you need to go over. You can download either Husary’s, Mishary’s, or Alghamidi’s recitations.

1. Propose 6 different English translations (including the best one, Sahih International) as well as 19 foreign language.
2. Allah’ very complete site with word by word translation, tafseer, recitation, search.
3. the translation appears when you move your mouse over an ayat.
4. It has the translation next to the Arabic text.

1. Tafseer Ibn Kathir
2. contains the most known Tafseer books. Be aware that this site contains Tafseer from the Shi’a, and other groups. (Note from Sh. Jamaal Zarabozo’s class: the English translation of Tafseer ibn Abbass was done by a Shi’a group and you find very strange and weird interpretations. This group also did the translation of Jalalayn.)
3. Tafseer Maulana Maududi (Towards Understanding the Quran)

1. high quality recitation
2. contains probably the largest number of reciters (over 200)
3. awesome way to listen to the Qur’an by instant streaming (fastest and easiest way to listen to your favorite reciters without having to download)

1. verse by verse video

1. search by sura (eg. 1, 2:25-35), or an English, Arabic, or phonetic term (eg. ‘bismillahi alrahman’).
2. in addition to common features, you can search in different language
3. for those who can understand Arabic, please refer to this website for the best resources available

May Allah (S.W.T) make us amongst those who will read, learn, understand, apply and convey to others the Qur’an.

Please feel free to add your favorite website in the comments.


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