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Friday, December 31, 2010

Good Deeds Towards Others

#1 Smile
#2 Greet one another
#3 Feed a fasting person
#4 Look after orphans
#5 Remove an obstacle
#8 Visit the sick
#9 Be good to your neighbors
#10 Provide water for the thirsty
#11 Be kind to your parents
#12 Have mercy on children
#13 Attend a funeral
#14 Look after widows
#16 Honor your guests
#31 Love your brother
#32 Respect and appreciate your mother
#34 Be intimate with your spouse
#37 Take care of animals
#48 Respect your husband
#49 Be kind to your wife
#50 Have children
#51 Keep strong family ties
#59 Reply to someone that sneezes
#93 Give Sadaqa
#94 Make a Waqf/Sadaqah Jaariya
#95 Feed a poor person
#127 Respect your elders
#136 Be kind to debtors
#139 Share inheritance correctly
#140 Give gifts
#143 Give sadaqah to family first
#147 Make Da’wah
#155 Make things easy for others
#158 Be conscious of roles and responsibilities
#161 Conceal faults of others
#173 Respect your teachers
#179 Stop belittling yourself
#187 Make 70 excuses first
#188 Breastfeed your baby
#189 Give good names
#190 Hug and kiss your children
#199 Stop showing off – Riyaa
#205 Fulfill commitments – Practise Surah Maidah – The Table Spread


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