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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sharh As-Siyaam Wa Al-Qiyaam- Part 4

Khutbah by Shaykh Abdullah Azzaam (may Allah have mercy on him)

So, when the Fajr time enters, go to the mosque and pray there. And try, if you do not have work, to not sleep during the time between Fajr and sunrise: “For me to sit with a group of people after the morning prayer, remembering Allah - the Mighty and Majestic - until the sun rises is more beloved to me than freeing four slaves from the children of Isma’il...” (Reported by Abu Dawud)

After this, go and rest until midday. From midday until ‘Asr, attend to the needs of your family.

Try to generally decrease in eating, drinking, and consuming sweets, keeping in mind that you are surrounded by widows, children, and orphans who are unable to plain rice. Set aside your sweets, bread, and rice for such people.

Your women are also in need of cleansing their souls, and they are in need of freeing themselves for the recitation of the Qur’an and worship. Their preoccupation with preparing food is a preoccupation from the essential activities of Ramadan; it is a preoccupation from istighfar, recitation, and worship. So, if you pray the ‘Asr, and you have no other obligations to keep you busy, seclude yourself in the mosque until the sun sets, and indulge in the recitation of the Qur’an: “...and for me to sit with a group of people after the ‘Asr prayer, remembering Allah - the Mighty and Majestic - until the sun sets is more beloved to me than freeing four slaves from the children of Isma’il.”

So, when it is time for Maghrib prayer, pray it, and return to your home.

This is a program that anyone can follow, either most or all of it. Pay close attention to these days, in particular, and pay attention to these hours. In Ramadan, there is no time for ‘he said, she said,’ or watching television, or socialization. Do not visit one another in your houses during the nights of Ramadan, as this constitutes wasting and theft of time of this blessed month. There is the mosque in which you are able to meet and chat in after praying Tarawih, and any of your brothers who need something from you, your meeting place is in the mosque, and your place of departure is the mosque. Do not preoccupy the people with your presence in their homes during the nights of Ramadan...”

Taken from Benefit of the Day- Ramadan 1429

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