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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mars and Venus: Marriage, Love, and Mercy by Riad Ouarzazi lecture notes

20 Points to Love

1. Exchange gifts (it does not have to be materialistic), it develops love between you two.
2. Spend time together (to talk), just you and your wife.
3. “The look of love.” Just by looking at your wife you should know what she likes and vice versa. Also touch and hug.
4. Say warm greetings like salaam when you come home.
5. Praise your spouse and never compare them with someone else.
6. Participate together in the household chorus and help each other. The husband’s work is not only outside!
7. Say kind words and smile, they are Sadaqah.
8. Spend time OUT together.
9. Have peaceful gatherings to discuss issues and joke.
10. The husband has to be balanced with the yes and no answers.
11. Show your interest, support, and care (especially when they are sick).
12. Change your routine by surprising your spouse.
13. Pamper your spouse.
14. Don’t hide your feelings and speak straightforward with your spouse. You should be able to talk to each other (never in front of the children).
15. Call your spouse by beautiful names.
16. Don’t talk about your problems before bed.
17. Show thanks by saying Jazakallahu Khair.
18. Apologize when you make a mistake (and ask for forgiveness).
19. Have respect for each other.
20. Read and contemplate the Seerah and how the Prophet lived and treated his wives.

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